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Increase your power, improve handling, and stay safe; when you need to speed up on the track, look to AmD Technik for car sports accessories. Our reliable team has been modifying cars for over 30 years and we work closely with each client to help make your automotive dreams a reality. For car customisation at competitive prices, we’re available today from our base in Woking to motorists across Surrey and the UK.

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Always pushing the boundaries

As AmD Technik stands at the forefront of today’s car tuning culture, it’s only logical that we provide the highest standards in car sports accessories. Our suppliers create modifications designed to exploit the specific software of your make of car, while our mechanics complete installations with a level of precision that maximises power and longevity. The finished product is almost a whole new car.

You can count on our mechanics for the modification you’re after, simply call us today on 01483 726 001